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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peas to all...

Green peas are an extraordinary accumulation of healthy nutrients. They have an exceptionally strong cancer fighting components. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of research on green peas. This is probably due to the fact that they are a branch of the legume (bean) family.
Green peas contain large quantities of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Some of the anti-inflammatory nutrients are found only in green peas. They additionally contain quantities of Omega -3 fats, and assist in lowering the risk of heart conditions stemming from type II diabetes. There is a high fiber content in peas which assist in the regulation of the digestive tract. The fiber also regulates the breakdown of the starches in the digestive system and assists the passage of carbs.
The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients are particularly helpful in maintaining health. The plaque that builds up in our blood vessels starts with excessive oxidative stress and inflammation. Few foods exist that are as focused on preventing these conditions from building up plaque in our arteries. Moreover, these heart healthy nutrients are the primary way to reduce the risk of type II diabetes. Peas additionally protect against stomach cancer which is caused by low anti-inflammatory nutrients.


...considering the nutritional values of green peas,how could one not love them...i love green peas..the succulant taste when it pops with every bite..simply delicious..bake them,saute them,treat them as fillings in the pie,tacos,pita bread or simply that toast - i would enjoy them in every way you could name them..
its not easy to find fresh green peas over here,considering the tropical climate..so i would buy them from the stores..i especially love green peas packed by watties as they are snap frozen to perfection..recently,i got the chance to enjoy freshly picked green peas..discovered them when i made that short trip to wang kelian,at the thailand border..the experience was like being a kid in a candy store : i was so excited seeing them alongside other fresh produce like mushrooms,asparagus and broccoli..i have never spent rm50 on veges before like i did that day...

on a lower note,green peas would never convert me into being a vegetarian..still love those fresh carnivorous flesh..

and this was what i had for breakfast : ......(at loss on what to name the dish....very simple to prepare -just heat oil or butter in a skillet over medium heat..then stir in chopped onion and garlic; i added prawn n egg(optional); then let it cook for about 5 minutes.next, in goes the frozen peas, and stir in chicken stock...season with salt and pepper...cover, and cook until the peas are tender, about 10 minutes...

wolla...diggg in...

love them 'lilies...

the waterlily pond...revisited..same time,same place, a year later...

A to Z of personal development

This time,i feel like sharing an article from The New Straits Time 2008 written by Vithyaa L. Ramiah . its been on my table ever since and served as a reminder each time i felt like losing faith in the system....

By Vithyaa L. Ramiah

HERE are some personal development tips to help anyone achieve their goals in life.

ACCOUNTABILITY. There is nothing to gain from pointing the finger or blaming others. Be responsible and accountable.

BUILDING POSITIVE HABITS. Lay the foundation brick by brick, and in no time you will have a great wall to protect you from the negativity and negative habits that are so prevalent in the world today.

CONSCIOUSNESS. Become aware of everything. Be aware when negative thoughts cross your mind. Be aware of the people you associate with. Be aware of how you think and live your life everyday.

DRIVE. Do not surrender. Be relentless. If something falls short of expectations, take a step back, reassess, make the necessary corrections and try again, then again, and again if needed. It has been said that Thomas Edison made 1,000 attempts before inventing the lightbulb. Patience will pay off.

EFFICIENCY. Becoming efficient and organised is the foundation of personal development. Time is valuable, strive to accomplish more in less time.

FINISH. Completion of tasks or projects is crucial to personal development and success. Once something gets started, make sure it gets finished.

GOALS,GOALS,GOALS. Setting and achieving goals provide the empowerment to achieve anything in life. The world’s greatest leaders are master goal setters. Knowing where they want to go with a plan in place is the reason for their success.

HAPPINESS. Life is full of bumps in the road. Rather than dwelling on the negatives, take these little bumps and be happy that life has given a new challenge. Find a positive solution. Remember the song Don’t Worry, Be happy.

INDIVIDUALISM. Be the unique individual you are. There is no law that states in order to become a better or more successful individual requires you to change who you truly are.

JOY. Find the joy in everything. Life is too short to dwell in negatives.

KNOWLEDGE. Learn something new every day. Talk to others, read books, research on the internet, find a mentor, or listen to motivational talks or CDs...The Tony Robbins, Brian Tracys and Zig Ziglers of the world became the leader they are through their knowledge.

LEADERSHIP. Lead by example, be the model for others to emulate. Be knowledgeable, fair, consistent and approachable. Become a coach or mentor to someone. Strive for excellence.

MOTIVATION. Get excited about improving life. Be a visionary and achiever.

NEGATIVITY. Plain and simple – get rid of it, flush it down the toilet. Negativity is like a poison and it is more contagious than catching a cold. If you associate with negative people it is imperative to get rid of them also.

OPEN-MINDED. Keeping an open mind is crucial to success. Limiting thoughts and actions will hinder growth and more than likely bring everything to a grinding halt. Keep the eyes and ears open. The opportunity to grow is more often than not right in front of you.

PROGRESS. Move forward, eliminate procrastination and get things done.

QUOTES. A great motivator is to read quotes from well-known writers, leaders in business and motivational speakers.

RATIONALISATION. Use common sense, take the time to think things out before making decisions or taking actions.

SIMPLE. Follow the KISS principle – Keep It Super Simple. If there is no need to complicate something, don’t.

TAKE CONTROL. Take responsibility for your life. Set goals, make plans, stay focused and take actions.

UNSTOPPABLE. Those who achieve their goals and dreams in life possess an unstoppable attitude. Their attitude can be compared to the F-5 tornadoes. These people believe that there is nothing that can get in the way of their success.

VISION. Dream, envision, prioritise what is most important, and set out to accomplish it. At the end of your life don’t let yourself regret not doing the things you truly wanted to do. Envision it, live it.

WRITE IT DOWN. Put your goals down on paper, post reminders around your home and workplace to keep you focused on them. Keep a journal on your life, document your accomplishments as well as your failures – it’s a great way to track your life.

“X”PERT. Become an expert at what you love, learn everything about it. Knowledge and passion lead to wealth.

YEARN. Without a need there is nothing to yearn for. Whether there is a need to spend more time with the family, make more money or get that promotion at work, yearn for it, want it, crave it, then get a plan in motion to get it.

ZOOM. Get into the race car of life, buckle up, shift into overdrive, put the pedal to the metal and zoom your way to the top.

See you there.

Friday, November 23, 2012

fac ut vivas....get a life!

i mean, seriously, get a life..!if you have nothing better to do than reading this blog,then go ahead..make my day....


..one of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Motive..? M.O.T.I.V.E..????? M O T I V E ? ?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


24 ramadhan 1433h

...am yet in another setoopid nerve wrecking heart wrenching thougtless apathic boorish fickle senseless shortsighted irresolute sloppy thrash talking meeting...

half of the time, i just couldn't make out what he's trying to say,
but most of the time,
i just ignore...
"if you can keep your head, when all around you are losing theirs, and blaming it on you......you'll be a man, my son " rudyard kipling

Sunday, February 12, 2012

keeping my sanity alive..

one of those days - my not so sane moments at my working capsule..

i don't even have a clue of what im doing..

moments when everything just didn't make any sense..not productive...no drive whatsoever..

just miss those A-HA moments...

so, this year, i guess, id rather let things be..dont want to take control over things..dont want to scrutinize things through..

loose it up a bit..go disorganize..jumble evrything up...be merry and messy...keep it supersimple (k.i.s.s-or in my hubby's words-keep it simple,stupid!)..

it is okay to loose that important document once in a while,(because when you keep losing them,your co-worker will not trust you anymore,so you won't be burderned with the task of handling those impossible clerical job) as long as you don't loose your sanity..

in order to keep your sanity alive, you need to be reminded on what truly matters..so, tuck those cute reminders on those ample minute space you have on your table..just to show that you are the 'positive thinking type'..and to convey ideas (to those who love to stalk your table for updated handouts and teaching materials that you refuse to share with them coz all these while,they just take take take..and provide nothing in return for you to share..) that you are to be taken seriously..

and, owh...notice those fake roses?well, that just add,not only feminity and character to your space, but they are manageable and not that messy compared to the OTT crying for attention flower arrangements..also adding colors to your already messy space...do be enlightened; M.E.S.S. IS a sign of genius!!...

and it could really help to have actual social interaction,and i don't mean facebook or other social network service..you need actual interaction..you need friends who could share your twisted ideas and could turn mishaps and dramas around you into a joke...(you just need someone who actually gossips...and gossip fairly...huh?..)i have friends in the staffroom who share the same wavelength with me,so they could tune in to my sense of humour..

well, i don't blame you if you could not comprehend whatever i'm rambling in this entry..coz i am not feeling very sensible right now..

till the next entry..c i a o..

Monday, February 6, 2012

stop to smell the roses
(idiomatic) To relax; to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life.
Slow down. Stop and smell the roses now and then...

given a chance,i would do just anything to stop and smell them roses. i love roses.used to have them in my garden..and the first thing i would do the moment i got out from my car was to bring my fingers to the thorny twigs and let my cheek touch the soft scarlet petals and inhaled the sweet fragrance.

that was then..every rose has its thorns..just like every night has its dawn..the roses no longer beautify my porch. they just quit growing. and i was just too lazy to repot the new batches...only the orchids and cacti survived..

who needs flower,anyway..some people say they would only make you weak..their very existence - temporary beauty,promoting false hope, weak, fragile and wilting very easily under circumstances-would simply portray a meek image..so they say...

but, it all changes when i started to notice this set of flowers,,always congregating in harmony..moving gracefully with the flow of water beneath it..standing tall despite having this delicate stalk..

they are the waterlilies, or lotus; from the Nympheaceae family.

i started noticing the beauty of waterlilies when i first moved to perlis..it grows in abundance over here. They are aquatic plants found in lakes, ponds and the edges of streams; and perlis is a state which is blessed with wonderous wetlands.

and, from my limited observation and comprehension, this flower has long been associated with hinduism and buddhism..it was said that Buddhists regard the water lily as a symbol of enlightenment because of the beautiful bloom that emerges from the mud. They also consider the water lily a symbol of purity, spontaneous generation and divine birth. and waterlilies were colourfully lit and let afloat in the lakes by thousands of wishful ladies in hope of getting a charming future husbands in the Loy Krathong Festivals..(ciwei...correct me if im wrong..)

these beautiful waterlilies caught my eyes everytime i passed the Marhum Kayang Museum on my way to school..it opens up to greet the sun every morning and i was always wishing that i would have enough time to stop and capture those beautiful waterlilies...(i was always rushing to school..no time to stop by and smell the roses..err..lilies..and by the time i returned home, they had closed their flowers, all ready to welcome the night..)

and it was that morning in december during the school holidays that i decided to just grab my camera and went straight to the Museum and capture these beautiful waterlilies...

i actually spent 1 hour (considering i was alone,nobody was around, and the museum was not yet opened,and i had to park my car by the roadside and wade through the small stream to get to the lake) to capture them lilies...

looking through these pictures, i could easily relate to the fact that it represents the purity of heart and mind..

so, take some time...to actually stop and admire those flowers..

Saturday, January 21, 2012



[ situation unchanged : still F#*ked up!]

Thursday, January 12, 2012



[ situation normal : all f*#ked up..]

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Federal route 76

i love driving.

among my favourite routes are the batu ferringghi-tanjung bungah road, tapah -cameron highlands[on the way down] and the simpang pulai-cameron highlands'.those roads would really put your manouvering skill to test.

back in december last year, i got to try this new route -the federal route 76 :an alternate route to Ipoh; the baling - gerik - kuala kangsar highway... and i considered choosing to follow this route instead of the PLUS highway was a wise decision - the traffic was clear, not many cars,[yup..no toll to be paid whatsoever..] and what seemed to be an added bonus was the fact that it is one of the most beautiful highways in Malaysia.

i discovered that the roads that i enjoyed the most are those hilly and winding ones...the ones that present you with simply breathtaking sceneries!!